Edinburgh Furniture Initiative

Edinburgh Furniture Initiative

Good quality used furniture and appliances for sale with a delivery service.

EFI collect unwanted items in good condition for free. This helps the environment as reusing furniture saves on the resources needed to make new items. If we collect your items and find there’s anything we can’t use for any reason, we will make sure they get properly recycled rather than just thrown away. Items can be held free of charge for up to 4 hours and can also be held for up to 2 days with a 15% non-refundable deposit, payable in-store.

0131 557 7900 / 0131 450 3900
Canonmills Superstore
67 Logie Green Road
Sighthill Superstore
5 Bankhead Medway
EH7 4HF or EH11 4BY

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