Buy The Good Stuff

Social enterprises plough monster profits back into the community.
Doogie Goodstuff

When you see the Buy the Good Stuff logo you know you are buying a product or service from a social enterprise, guaranteeing that your money is being reinvested to create a positive impact. This benefits areas from homelessness and unemployment to waste reduction and environmental issues and much more.

Doogie Goodstuff – Buy the Good Stuff Brand Ambassador

Blue monster Doogie Goodstuff is brand ambassador and campaign mascot for Buy the Good Stuff, championing social enterprises products and services. Doogie appears at certain events to bring the brand to life and raise awareness.   

Doogie Goodstuff and friends beneath Edinburgh Castle
Doogie Goodstuff

Buy The Good Stuff pop up markets

Out of the Blue

Our vibrant markets are an opportunity to experience all the great products that social enterprises make and sell in one marketplace. Enjoy yummy bread and cakes, jewellery, books, toys and gifts, plus more!

Markets are popular and a great way to learn more about the inspiring work of social enterprises in Edinburgh and show your support.

Adopting BTGS

Buy the Good Stuff represents the diversity of products and services of social enterprises in other parts of Scotland. Clackmannanshire and Forth Valley promote their social enterprise members through the Buy the Good Stuff brand too. A recognised brand in Scotland.

Doogie Goodstuff

Buying from Social Enterprises

Buying products or services from social enterprises creates a positive impact on the communities we live in. Social Enterprises reinvest their profits to address the most pressing issues, from homelessness and unemployment to mental health and environmental issues. To do this they deliver goods and services, from organic bread to kids play, canal boat rides and arts and crafts.

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